Focus: Health and Safety

Emotional & social health, cybersafety & privacy, nutrition, doping and sports, addictions, everyday risks

We offer:

  • interesting and important themes
  • healthy ideas for you;)
  • working with other students from other European countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Greece
  • field trips (Ausflüge)
  • expert talks, interviews
  • travelling and/ or hosting visitors
  • conversation and language practice
  • positive entry on your school report
  • activities financed by the European Union
  • eTwinning and certificates
  • wonderful memories

You are:

  • interested in the themes
  • willing to work with new people – great!
  • shy with new people? – no problem, we’ll find a way!
  • motivated to do it your way – great!
  • a good team player – we need that!
  • creative and want to work on a logo design – join!
  • good at English and need extra input – go for it!
  • not so good at English and need to practice more – go for it!
  • curious about the project?

Come to  C113/F02 on Wednesday, 28th August (1.45 p.m.) (regular meetings on Wednesdays 1.45-3.15 p.m.)

Not sure if this project is good for you?

Write us an email: